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5 Star reviews on Google from satisfied customers

Thanks for the install after initial size issues  I wanted a 6.8 system we thought it would fit but on install day we couldn’t so had to go 4.6. because we are in Qld, everything was done via phone it was harder.It all worked out.  The Install was done very quickly and the guys were great. Thanks Riley and your team.


A hassle free process from start to finish. Installation went smoothly. Very happy with the product and extremely happy with electricity savings.

Chris Mason

Went looking for a company to install solar panels in Adelaide and found this company. Can't recommend them enough. They were professional and excellent with communication.

Sandra Shillaker

Riley and his guys were great to have install solar panels at our house in the Adelaide Hills. They explained all parts of the process and they were well priced. I'd recommend them.

John S

Best Solar &Batteries have installed a great Solar system for our business Birdwood Horse Works. Their knowledge and experience is exceptional with the patience to explain the system they are providing. The system was installed with care and we are 100% happy. We highly recommend BEST SOLAR &BATTERIES SA.

Coral Green

Would highly recommend Best Solar & Batteries Adelaide. The service was smooth and simple. Our rep Riley organised finance through humm with easy payment options. The two institutions guys were polite and speedy. Best Solar & Batteries Adelaide even organised Agl to connect the new system so we benefit from the feed in tariff.

Cassandra Jones

The benefits of a solar system

Installing solar panels in conjunction with a battery will significantly reduce the amount of mains electricity you need to use, thereby reducing the power bills you get from your electricity retailer while also enabling you to take advantage of feed in tariff rates.

A solar system also gives you greater control over your energy use and the costs you pay, while using renewable energy also means that you are cutting your carbon dioxide emissions and contributing to a greener future for all.

We work with customers to develop and deliver customised solar solutions for home and business owners in Adelaide and across South Australia, helping you at every stage of your solar journey and to make the right solar choice for your property and needs.

Solar system installation
Not all Adelaide solar companies are created equal; however, at Best Solar & Batteries we pride ourselves on delivering maximum operating efficiency from your solar power system so that you can enjoy consistent and substantial savings on your electricity bills.

Our in-house team of installers are all fully trained and Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited, and have significant experience in ensuring that each solar panel is  and connected correctly, and the monitoring system is configured and functioning properly. Our solar technicians can also support the maintenance of your system so that it is always operating at maximum efficiency.

We will also assist you in gaining Small Embedded Generation (SEG) approval from SA Power Networks, enabling you to be connected to the Distribution Network so that you can feed energy generated by your solar power back to the grid.

Adelaide solar power system design and installation specialistsIt can be challenging to choose between the large range of solar panels Adelaide households have available, as there are significant differences in the cost, quality and effectiveness of the different types of solar systems on the market in South Australia.

This is why it's important to work with a specialist solar panel installer with experience in designing custom solutions to suit your specific needs and requirements. A well-designed, appropriate size system will supply solar power to your home or business so that you are not drawing power from the grid, while also giving you the capacity to export excess energy and so benefit from the feed-in tariff provided by your electricity retailer.

After our technicians undertake a site inspection, we will provide you with a detailed quote that sets out in full our proposed custom solar solution, so that you are able to make a fully informed decision.

Your solar solution quote
Your quote will set out the proposed solar panel layout and other details in full, such as the size, estimated annual production, overall system efficiency, as well as the type of solar panel and inverter that will be installed.

We will also provide an estimate of how much electricity your system will produce each day, as well as how much money you will potentially save each month and over the course of a year.

#1 Solar Panels Provider

Benefits of installing a commercial battery

We supply and install batteries in a variety of capacities and sizes, and can offer a solar choice that meets your operational needs, whatever industry or sector you are working in.

Our experienced team of solar experts can devise an efficient and cost-effective solar power set up that will help to reduce your electricity bills and insulate your business against the continual rise in power bills for Adelaide businesses owners face.

Benefits of installing a battery for your home

There are a number of benefits Adelaide households can enjoy when you opt for battery storage. For instance, you are not susceptible to sudden rises in electricity prices, and protected against power cuts and outages.

In addition, installing solar in Adelaide gives you greater flexibility and independence, and helps you to cut your overall electricity bills.

#1 Solar Panels Provider

The range of solar panels Adelaide households can choose from

Our solar panels, inverters and batteries are produced by the world's most successful manufacturers. Quality infrastructure is essential for solar in South Australia because systems can only operate at maximum efficiency and deliver a return on investment when they provide long life and require minimal maintenance services.

Our range includes premium solar panels manufacturers like JA Solar, Q-cell, Risen Energy, Jinko and REC Group, inverters made by Goodwe, Fronius, Solaredge and Solis, plus storage batteries by TESLA, LG, Alpha-ESS, Sungrow, and many more.

Residential & Commercial

Residential Solar Panels
We specialise in designing and installing home solar systems for South Australians, and aim to make the process as straightforward as possible.

The first step is to undertake a site inspection and review how much energy you use, as well as the peak demand times for electricity in your home.

We will also undertake an assessment of the available roof space, as well as potential solar panel positioning and orientation.

Our in-house technicians will then produce a detailed solar quote that includes a breakdown of the savings you can enjoy from a reduction in mains electricity use.

Solar panel applications and approvals
In order to be able to export electricity back to the grid, approval from SA Power Networks is required, along with either re-programming of your electricity meter or the installation of a bi-directional meter.

We can assist you in this process, as well as help you to obtain any council approvals that may be required.

Commercial Solar Panels
With high electricity prices impacting enterprises of all sizes, companies are always looking for ways they can cut costs. We work with businesses to design solar systems that enable them to use significantly less energy from the grid, reducing their overheads.

First, our in-house technicians will carry out an inspection of your premises and review your energy use, ascertaining at what times demand is heaviest.

We will also assess the roof to determine how many solar panels could be fitted, and the best configuration to ensure you get maximum output and value from your solar panel set up.

Our team will then prepare a detailed quote, including estimated annual production and how much money you could save over a year, plus the expected payback period for your system to cover the initial installation costs.

Battery Storage
Battery storage systems are designed to store excess electricity produced by your solar panels so that rather than exporting it back to the grid, it can be used during peak power consumption periods, during a power cut, or when there is no sunlight.

Batteries are available in a range of different capacities, and our in-house team can help you choose a battery set up to meet your storage needs. This will provide greater independence while significantly reducing your power bills.

#1 Solar Panels Provider

Support for approvals

A solar system that is capable of exporting excess energy back to the grid requires SAPN approval, while a new bi-directional electricity meter will need to be installed (or your existing one re-programmed). We take care of this and gain all relevant approvals on your behalf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions?

Why should I have solar panels installed?

Installing solar power in Adelaide makes sense because it means you are able to generate sufficient electricity to meet most of your home or business energy needs. This not only enables you to save money and reduce the impact of high electricity prices, but effectively reduces your greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.

With an efficient, well designed solar install, you are able to export excess electricity back to the grid and benefit from the feed-in tariff currently available in South Australia. Making the right solar choice therefore helps you to reduce your power bills and save money straight away.

At Best Solar & Batteries, we also install battery storage solutions that give you greater peace of mind, as you can use the excess energy that your solar system produces at any time of the day or night.

Why choose Best Solar & Batteries?

We are committed to devising and delivering comprehensive solutions for solar in Adelaide that are customised to meet your specific needs and circumstances, and designed to make the most of Australian conditions.

What helps us to stand out from other solar installers is that we take care of the entire process for you, from the initial site inspection, to designing a cost-effective solar system, to sourcing high quality panels, inverters and batteries, right through to the installation, which is carried out by our own in-house team of highly trained and CEC-qualified solar energy installers.

As each solar system that we install is produced by a leading manufacturer, you can have peace of mind that you are enjoying more power produced by renewable energy, while increasing your savings potential at the same time.

How do I choose the best panels?

When it comes to solar power in Adelaide, there are a range of options, but we always recommend choosing quality ahead of price. That's why we only supply and install panels produced by leading manufacturers that we believe are best value for money, as opposed to the cheaper options currently available in South Australia.

When you choose a solar panel on price alone, from an installer who does not have the track record of 5 star reviews and happy customers that we have, it too often will prove a false economy. Cheap panels do not offer value with regards to the amount of energy they deliver, nor the length of operating life, while installers who sub contract rather than using their own in-house team can not offer the same levels of personalised customer service that we provide.

Ultimately, choosing panels from leading manufacturers that are installed by solar experts is the only way to ensure efficient energy production and value for money.

What system size do I need to install?

A number of factors will determine the size of the solar system that you need to install. These include your energy consumption and peak usage times, as well as the angle, shading and orientation of your roof, and the amount of space it offers.

When we design a solar system, we take all of this into account in order to produce a comprehensive solar quote that will include the make and model of the panels and inverter we recommend as being suited to your needs, as well as describing in detail the proposed layout and configuration of the solar panels on your roof.

Our quote will also include details of how much you can expect to save with regard to your annual energy consumption and your power bills when you take the South Australia solar feed-in tariff into account, as well as the expected payback period, i.e., how long it will take for your solar power savings to outweigh the installation cost.

Can I install a battery in South Australia?

Battery storage gives you greater independence, as you are not subject to the outages that can from time to time affect the network, plus you can continue to use the energy you have produced even if the sun is not shining and your solar panels are therefore not generating power.

We can supply and install batteries with a variety of capacities that are produced by leading names in the industry, including Tesla, LG, Goodwe and Alpha.

How do I clean and maintain my solar system?

We supply and fit solar panels that are built to withstand Australian conditions and operate at maximum efficiency all year round. Most of the solar panels we install have a self-cleaning feature, but it can be helpful to check periodically whether dust or bird droppings have built up on the panels, as this can prevent sunlight getting to the solar cells. It is also helpful to check at regular intervals that the inverter is functioning properly.

If you have any concerns about the performance of your solar system, our technicians are always on hand to undertake any repairs or maintenance that may be required.

Is the installation of solar panels viable on all types of roofs?

Provided there is sufficient space, and the underlying infrastructure is sound, solar panels can generally be installed on any roof type, including metal, tile and flat roofs. The material will not have any impact on the performance of your solar panels.

How do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels consist of an array of interconnected solar cells, which are made from semiconductor materials and are able to absorb sunlight and then convert that energy into electricity.

This means that when a solar system is being designed and installed, shading needs to be taken into account. When panels are shaded by buildings or trees, the sun can be blocked from reaching the solar cells, and this is tend will impact on how much electricity can be produced.

Do I need a new meter when I have solar installed?

When you have a solar system installed that is connected to the grid, your standard electricity meter will need to either be re-programmed or replaced with a bidirectional meter.

This will measure how much electricity is being exported from your solar system back to the main electrical grid, as well as how much you are importing.

The installation of a bidirectional meter as part of your solar system enables you to take advantage of the feed-in tariff offered by your electricity provider.

What makes Best Solar & Batteries different from other solar companies?

There are many qualities that help us to stand out from other suppliers of solar panels in Adelaide.

For instance, we provide a face-to-face, in-house service. This means that our own team of solar experts will take care of every aspect of your solar system design and installation, unlike many other Adelaide solar installers, who outsource much of the work to third parties, who do not have the longevity and a track record of satisfied customers that we do.

Because we offer a personalised service, every solar system we design is configured to meet your precise needs, and is installed to the highest possible standards, as all the members of our team are CEC certified. We can also design battery storage so that you can be sure of having access to electricity at the times when you need it.

We are also committed to providing back up and support if it is needed, and will be here long into the future to continue to meet your needs (unlike many of our solar energy competitors in South Australia).

In addition, we can make all the necessary arrangements on your behalf with your electricity retailer to gain approval for feeding back the excess energy your solar system produces.


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