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South Australian business owners regularly face challenges when it comes to maintaining the balance between meeting energy needs, keeping operating costs down, and fulfilling demands around limiting greenhouse gas emissions. 

Having solar panels installed in your commercial, retail, entertainment or other business premises is a highly effective way of reducing the amount of mains electricity consumed and thereby cutting your power bills, while at the same time utilising more energy derived from a sustainable, renewable source.

When it comes to solar panels, Adelaide business owners know they can rely on Best Solar & Batteries to deliver cost-effective solar solutions that are customised to their specific needs, and which offer high quality panels and inverters, backed up by a first rate installation team and quality customer support.

Solar Solutions for your business

Most business owners have enough on their plate managing staff, premises and operations, and so getting to grips with the different elements of a solar system might be the sort of job they are inclined to put off to another day.

We understand this, which is why we provide comprehensive solar solutions that make it easier for business owners to make the right solar choice.

The first step is for our team of solar experts to visit your premises for a site inspection. This will enable us to assess your workshop, retail premises or office block in terms of the roof space that is available, so that we can determine the size and type of solar system that will work best for you.

We will also work with you to ascertain your energy needs and peak hours of usage, as well as the size of the power bills that you currently pay.

From here, we will use the information we gather to produce a detailed, fully itemised solar quote for your consideration.

How a solar energy system will help your business save money

One of the many ways in which we stand out when compared to other Adelaide solar companies is the attention to detail we provide to clients in our solar quotes. We believe in helping our customers to be as informed as possible, so we do much more than simply give you a price. 

When you get a quote from Best Solar & Batteries it will include the proposed layout of your solar panels on the roof, as well as their type and size. We will also indicate the sort of inverter that would be installed and its maximum efficiency.

In addition, your quote will indicate the estimated annual production of your solar system, the expected daily production throughout the course of the year, as well as a comparison of your business’ estimated utility costs before and after the installation of solar panels. 

We will also include a 25-year financial summary that analyses the payback period and the total ROI you can expect to receive from your system. 

Solar panel applications and approval

A further way in which a solar system can save your business money is through feeding back any excess energy it produces back to the electricity grid. In order for this to happen, and for you to benefit from the feed-in tariff paid by your electricity retailer, SA Power Networks needs to grant Small Embedded Generation (SEG) approval.

We can take care of this on your behalf as part of our service, as well as arrange the installation of a bidirectional meter if required, along with providing support to gain any council approvals that may be required. 

In addition, we can assist you to claim a small-scale technology certificate (STC), which can be used to recoup a portion of the cost of purchasing and installing a solar energy system.

Specialist commercial solar panel installers 

Unlike many other installers of solar in Adelaide, we take care of everything in-house. We have an experienced team of CEC-accredited (Clean Energy Council) installers who will ensure that your solar panels are configured and set up as per the specs.

This includes ensuring the correct positioning and orientation of your solar panels so that they can deliver maximum performance and output, as well as the installation of all cables and rails, along with the inverter.

The system will then be set up and checked so that it is operating correctly, and our technicians will take you through how the system works and the ways in which you can monitor its performance when it’s up and running.

Getting the best value from your solar power system 

We know that when you install solar panels, you expect to be able to save money on your power bills, which are a significant proportion of many Adelaide companies’ operating costs. 

This is why at Best Solar & Batteries we only supply and install solar panels and inverters from leading international manufacturers, so that you can enjoy not only the maximum output and energy from your panels, but the longest possible operating life as well.

The brands that we are proud to offer include JA Solar, Risen Energy, Q-cell, Jinko and REC Group, as well as inverters from Goodwe, Fronius, Solis, Solaredge, and many more.

Our commitment to high quality products, in-house solar expert installers, and face-to-face service that is designed to meet individual business owners’ needs, is why we can boast of having so many happy customers, as shown by the more than sixty 5-star reviews we have received from satisfied clients.  

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