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With Solar Panels, Modbury Homes and Businesses Save Money

At Best Solar & Batteries, we are committed to the supply and installation of quality solar panels Modbury wide, so that home and business owners can save money while at the same time contributing to a greener future for us all.

We are proud to be a locally owned and operated Adelaide solar company supplying high quality panels, inverters and batteries from leading international manufacturers, and providing custom solar solutions designed to suit your specific energy needs.

Wherever you are located in Modbury and the north eastern suburbs of Adelaide, contact the solar experts at Best Solar & Batteries and we will be happy to arrange a site inspection and offer you a free, no obligation solar quote. 

Enjoy the many benefits of solar energy 

When you install a solar system in your home, business or retail premises, you enjoy a range of benefits. These include a significant reduction in the amount of mains generated energy you use, thereby cutting your power bills and giving you greater independence.

In addition, with solar panels Modbury residents are taking a proactive step towards reducing carbon emissions and the use of fossil fuels in energy production.

Talk to us about a free solar quote

At Best Solar & Batteries, we have been able to establish positive ongoing relationships with our many customers thanks to our commitment to designing custom solar solutions combined with a professional, in-house solar installation service.

The first step towards a new home or commercial solar power system is to arrange for one of our solar experts to undertake a site inspection. This will involve a member of our team examining the size, angle and shading of your roof to determine how solar panels might be configured, as well as looking at your patterns of energy use.

After this, we will prepare a free solar quote for your consideration. This will include a suggested layout for panels on your roof, the size and production of the proposed system, as well as the type of inverter that would be installed.

Your quote will also include your expected daily production from the system, the payback period, and what your estimated return on investment (ROI) will be.

We do solar installation differently

Unlike some other Adelaide solar companies, at Best Solar & Batteries we take care of everything in-house. This means we have our own experienced team of Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installers and do not have to outsource to third parties, which is why we are proud to offer a 5-year workmanship warranty on your solar system installation.

In addition, we can assist you to get Small Embedded Generation (SEG) approval from SA Power Networks, which means you can benefit from your electricity retailer’s feed-in tariff when you export excess energy your system produces back to the grid. 

Battery Storage can help you save even more

As well as solar panels, Modbury home owners can benefit from the installation of a battery. This means that instead of sending excess electricity back to the grid, you store it for use when your solar panels are not producing their own energy, or when you want to avoid using power at peak cost times. 

A battery also means you are less prone to receiving sudden and steep rises in electricity bills, and less likely to be impacted by any widespread power cuts or outages.

If you are interested in a battery, we can design a new solar system that incorporates storage, or we can integrate a battery into your current system if you already have solar panels installed.

Why so many Adelaide homeowners choose Best Solar & Batteries

When it comes to installing inverters, batteries and solar panels, Modbury customers regularly tell us how much they appreciate the personalised service that we provide at every stage of the process.

From the first enquiry, to the site inspection, to the final installation and commissioning, we are committed to making your solar journey as straightforward as possible, while ensuring that we deliver a quality solution and value for money.

Get in touch with Best Solar & Batteries and one of our solar experts will be happy to tell you more about the wide range of options open to you, and how you can arrange a free, no obligation solar quote for your home or business premises anywhere in north east Adelaide and the surrounding suburbs.