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We are a proudly South Australian owned and operated solar company with a long track record of supplying and installing home batteries, inverters and solar panels West Lakes wide, including West Lakes Shore and Delfin Island, as well as surrounding suburbs like Albert Park, Semaphore Park, Tennyson and Royal Park.

Our range includes panels from leading international manufacturers, and we back up our high quality products with a first rate in-house installation service and personalised customer support. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to arrange a site inspection and free solar quote at a time that suits you.

A solar system delivers a range of benefits

When you install a solar system in your home, business, commercial or retail premises, you are able to achieve far greater energy independence.

As you are not drawing as much power from the grid, solar panels enable you to significantly reduce the size of your electricity bills. In addition, you can make further savings by exporting any excess power you produce back to the grid and taking advantage of the feed-in tariff provided by your electricity retailer.

In addition to the financial savings, a solar system means that you are producing your own clean, green energy from a renewable source, and so you are effectively reducing your own carbon footprint and level of emissions.

We provide detailed free solar quotes

The first step in providing a solar quote for a customer is to undertake a site inspection. We do this to determine how many solar panels it might be possible to install and in what configuration. This is done in conjunction with an assessment of your energy use, including how much power you use during peak times.

We then use this information to produce a detailed solar quote that provides all the information your need to understand the full array of benefits derived from installing a solar system. This includes the number and size of panels to be installed, the daily production you can expect each month, and a 25-year financial summary that will include analysis of the payback period and your expected return on investment.

Specialists in solar installation

The fact that we have our own in-house team of Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installers is what marks out our process for installing solar panels, West Lakes clients regularly tell us. Having our own team means that we are able to offer levels of personalised service that most other Adelaide solar companies can’t match, and as we don’t outsource this crucial service, we have much greater control over the quality of the work.

In fact, we are so confident about the service and standards our team is able to deliver that we offer a 5-year workmanship warranty on every solar system installation we undertake.

Enhance your system’s energy capacity with battery storage

As well as solar panels, West Lakes homeowners can enhance the capacity of their system even further with the addition of a battery.

A battery means that you’re able to store any excess energy that your system produces for your own use at a later date and when it is most required, e.g., during a power cut, when the sun isn’t shining, or when you want to limit your use of mains power during peak consumption periods.

Batteries therefore give you greater energy independence, enabling you to access your own clean, sustainably produced power when you need it, while also significantly cutting your electricity bills all year round.

Why should I choose Best Solar & Batteries?

We are committed to our customers and devising custom solar solutions that are not only energy efficient, but also help you to save money both in the short term and over extended periods of time.

For instance, we only supply and install high quality solar panels, inverters and batteries by leading manufacturers like JA Solar, Q-cell, Risen Energy, Goodwe, Fronius and Tesla, so you can be sure of a product that not only offers sufficient output to meet your energy needs, but will also provide efficiency and long operating life.

In addition, our in-house solar panel installation team means that we can ensure the highest standards of work, and back this up with personalised customer service.

Get in touch with Best Solar & Batteries and we will be happy to arrange a site inspection and free solar quote wherever in West Lakes or the western suburbs of Adelaide you are located.