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By Installing Solar Panels, Gawler Homeowners Save Money

At Best Solar & Batteries, we specialise in the design and installation of high quality solar solutions, including panels, inverters and batteries. We customise solar systems to meet our customers’ specific energy needs, and supply high quality components from leading international manufacturers so that you can be sure of exceptional performance and value for money.

Our in-house team of solar experts and installers are here to help, so when it comes to solar panels, Gawler home and business owners should talk to Best Solar & Batteries first. We are a proud South Australian owned and operated company, and are always happy to provide a free site inspection and solar quote. 

How a solar system benefits your home or business

When you have solar panels installed, the first benefit is that you are producing your own clean energy and so draw less power from the mains grid. This means that fewer fossil fuels are consumed to produce the electricity you use, so that you are contributing to a greener, clean environment.

In addition, as you are producing your own energy you have greater independence and your power bills are significantly reduced. Furthermore, any excess energy your solar system produces can be exported back to the grid, and so you can enjoy further savings thanks to the feed-in tariff provided by your electricity retailer.

Get in touch for a comprehensive solar quote

One of the ways in which we stand out among Adelaide solar companies is that we provide extremely detailed quotes that contain much more than simply a price.

Once we have undertaken a site inspection and analysed your energy use, we will then produce a free solar quote that includes:

  • how many panels are required, their size and layout
  • the expected daily production for each month of the year
  • a 25-year financial summary including analysis of the payback period, and the expected rate of return on your investment

This way, you can make a fully informed decision about every aspect of having a new solar system installed.

In-house solar system installation

Whenever we install solar panels, Gawler clients tell us that the difference between Best Solar & Batteries and other solar companies is that we take care of the entire process in-house. We have a trained experienced team of Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installers on our staff, and so we never have to outsource this crucial work to a third party.

Our commitment to our customers also extends to assisting you to claim Small Embedded Generation (SEG) approval from SA Power Networks so that you can feed back power to the grid, and our solar technicians are always available to ensure that your system is operating at optimum efficiency and output.

Even greater energy savings with a battery storage

As well as the benefits derived from solar panels, Gawler home owners can be even more energy efficient through the installation of a battery.

Battery storage enables you to store excess energy produced by your solar system and then use it when it is most needed, rather than export it back to the grid. This means you can still access clean, green energy when your solar panels aren’t producing electricity, during a power outage, or to avoid using mains power during peak consumption periods.

A battery therefore gives you significantly greater energy independence, and as a consequence you are less impacted by the rising price of electricity in South Australia.

What makes Best Solar & Batteries different?

We like to think that we are different to other Adelaide solar companies in a number of ways.

For instance, we only supply and install batteries, solar panels and inverters produced by leading international manufacturers like Tesla, Goodwe, Solis, JA Solar, Q-cell, Risen Energy, Jinko and REC Group, so you can be sure of getting a system that will produce all the energy you need while also offering long operating life.

In addition, the fact that we handle every aspect of your solar system in-house, including the installation, means you know you can trust and rely on us to provide high quality service and a personalised approach to finding the best solar solutions.

Get in touch with us and we will be happy to arrange a site inspection and a free quote for installing solar panels Gawler wide, including surrounding suburbs such as Evanston, Willaston, Reid and Hewett.