Beat the Flexible Export Changes

Beat the Flexible Export Changes

On July 1st, 2023, SA Power Network changed their regulations by restricting the amount of power you can export back to the grid, the rollout has started in some areas and is planned to be available throughout SA by mid 2024. This, along with the recent 25 - 50% increase to electricity prices means it is now harder than ever for South Australians to be completely self-sufficient with their power usage.

Flexible Exports is a solution designed to manage the growing amount of solar energy being fed into the electricity grid. The rapid uptake of solar energy has led to some parts of the electricity distribution network becoming overloaded, especially during times of high solar generation. This can cause voltage issues for all customers and can mean solar customers’ inverters trip off or ramp down.

However, what that also means is SA Power Networks has control over your inverter. During summer, when solar production is high, SA Power Networks has the capability to remotely throttle or turn off the export of solar back into the grid.

Current Export Limits for residential households not in a flexible export area:

  • Single phase – 5kW per hour
  • Three phase – 15kW per hour

Export Limits from July 1, 2023
The export limits have been changed to 1.5kW – 10kW per hour back to the grid. In summary, if everyone is using solar on a sunny day, your ability to export back to the grid will be limited to less than the previous 5kW export due to the grid being overloaded. It essentially means your export limit is being controlled by the energy providers.

Beat the Export Limits!
You can beat the regulation changes to export limits by simply doing the following:

  1. Submit your SEG (Small Embedded Generation) approval before roll out in your area.
  2. Ensure the installation is complete within 2 months.

This will ensure you will be under the previous regulations for the lifetime of your system and able to export up to 5kW per hour for single phase or 15kW per hour for three phase.

Beat the export limits – speak to a solar expert today!

Areas that have implemented flexible exports:



North Brighton

Hallett Cove

Seacombe Gardens

Bellevue Heights


Happy Valley

Oaklands Park

Somerton Park



O'Halloran Hill


Coromandel East


Old Reynella

Trott Park

Coromandel Valley

Largs North



Craigburn Farm


Park Holme

Eden Hills

Mitchel Park




Reynella East

What happens if I decide to wait to after roll out?
Any SEG approval submitted after flexible exports have been rolled out in that area will be severely limited in how much the household can send back to the grid. This drastically impacts your savings, especially in Summer.

If you prefer to hold off and need more time, that’s not a problem. We hope this information helps you make an informed decision.

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Are Solar Batteries Part of the Solution?
Batteries are an increasingly important way to not only support the stabilisation of the SA power network but also to accelerate the yield on solar investments.

Now, more than ever, batteries are a great investment for many homeowners for a number of reasons:

  1. With the lowering of Feed-in-Tariffs, consumers are paid less for exporting excess solar to the grid. Adding a battery system to store that excess energy to use at night can help to eliminate your power bills for good.
  2. Gain greater grid independence. With solar battery storage, you are your own power source, and with the added advantage of backup protection, you can protect your home from blackouts.
  3. Greater insights into your power usage. With the visibility monitoring apps give you, you can easily adapt your energy usage to increase your self-consumption to help you save more money, faster.
  4. Solar battery systems will help you get closer to becoming a net-zero household!

We specialise in designing and installing home solar systems for South Australians and aim to make the process as straightforward as possible.

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